Welcome to Ray May Write!

Now this post is going to seem somewhat confusing to somebody just finding this blog because how can I be doing a welcome post for a new blog when there are 24 posts going back to January 2014 already on the site? Simple – all the posts from before today were written and posted over on my other blog (which is now going to just be for Book blogging). From today any posts to do with my writing or studying are going to be posted here. For all bookish stuff from me head over to Ray Reads Books and follow that blog.

I felt I needed a new blog to document my thoughts and ramblings as I launch into a period of basically full-time studying as I will be taking on two OU modules from the beginning of October *yikes*. This blog will be a place for me to share some insights I gain and also share/practice some of the skills I learn. Since I’m doing both a Creative Writing and French course I will have some very different assignments to do over the next 9 months and I’ll need to keep myself motivated and accountable so that I don’t just drift away from doing all the work that my degree requires of me. Hopefully some of you guys will help with that.

Although my modules don’t start for another month I have a *lot* of work to do in order to be in the right frame of mind when the real hard work actually starts. I have to get myself into a routine of studying that’s balanced enough that I give both subjects equal attention and still leaves me with time to put towards other things like my current WIP which I’m still trying to finish. Time management is something I really struggle with and get very easily distracted from (which is evidenced by today because instead of making myself a timetable – I set up this blog) so I will have to keep setting myself back on task and refocusing my priorities.

In the near future I shall post more on my study plan and work schedule so that there is a record out there for people to hold me to and demand to know if I’m doing what I say I will be doing when I should. To some people this is going to seem rather odd and unnecessary but I know me and my bad habits so I need all the people reminding me to work that I can get. 

But anyway this is enough for now I think.

Speak Soon

Ray x