Creative Writing – Freewriting & Cluster Week Day 1

Afternoon all! So one of the tasks in the first chapter of the BRB is to spend 20 minutes every day for a week doing a freewrite and a clustering exercise using either the prompts from the book or your own. Yes I am doing this a few weeks ahead of when I should but I feel like it’s better to be slightly ahead than lagging behind when deadlines come looming out the dark.

So every day this week I’m going to use one of the prompts to do my freewrites and then I shall post them up on here like a terribly brave person *gulps*. The clusters I won’t trouble you with since they are going to be shite.

Monday’s Prompt – “Tea, Toast and 3 Paracetamol”

Blinding agony, skull rippling, brain too damn big for its box. Too much to drink last night, shouldn’t have listened to those idiots. Who thinks four shots of Jaegarmeister in a row is a good idea? Fucking binge-drinking lunatics that’s who. And students. But I’m pretty sure they’re all one and the same.

Too old to be a student these days. Takes more pills to quell a hangover, more food to soak up the excess alcohol and buckets more caffeine to blow the awful gritty feeling from my eyes.

Shower is scalding. Perfect. Nothing quite like the feeling of having the skin flayed off your back by wires to shock you awake. Fuck. Water is going cold again. Damn boiler always does this. Costs too much to replace right now so just have to deal with sporadic arctic showers.

Growing up is the worst thing about life. You have to responsible for making your own breakfast, cleaning up your crap and fixing your fuck-ups – no adult supervision required. I may be an adult but I’ll be damned if I sign up for this grown-up shit.

Anyone who can’t get twenty minutes pure joy from riding a swing at 3am while piss-drunk is definitely a grown-up.

*ta da!* That was what came out of 10 minutes of freewriting. It’s a bit less story-like than most of my previous efforts and I think it turned out ok, although it doesn’t look like much when typed up. Having nearly a page of hand-written work is always more encouraging 😛

Pop back tomorrow for Tuesday’s attempt if you like 🙂