Writing Ray – an Adventure for 2014

So what most people probably don’t know about me is that in addition to being a reading junkie I also like to write. Words are generally what I’m good at except when I go through phases of being utterly incapable of stringing them together for certain purposes (see the lack of reviews I’ve written these past two years).

Now I wouldn’t call myself a writer by any stretch of the imagination since I’ve never actually finished writing a story; but I do spend a fair amount of time thinking and day-dreaming about stories and plotting out scenes in my head. I have loads of notebooks half-filled with scene snippets, character profiles, and other notes relating to five or six different story ideas yet to date I’ve not completed or even properly drafted one of them.

However I would like 2014 to be different. This year I want to finish *one* story. I don’t want to give myself a super-strict time limit like with Nanowrimo since that might put me under so much pressure on top of what other work commitments I have at any given time that I will probably end up losing my motivation entirely. But I do want to at least finish something for once. Whether that just be an horrific first draft or something more revised and edited- anything is better than half-started nothings.

I should make it clear that I don’t necessarily want to finish a story *just* to get it published. While that would be fucking awesome I have enough of sense of reality that I can’t expect that to just happen. I want to finish this story for ME so that I can have that sense of pride in myself – like “Fuck Yea I wrote a book, it’s probably pretty shitty right now but dammit I love my characters and I finished it!”

Too often I’ve started a project all fired up only to get disheartened after a month and stick it in a drawer and forget about it. I need to see this through. THE WHOLE FUCKING WAY. That means even if I have days when I can’t write for shit and I want to jack it all in I just have to let it breathe for a few days, listen to some more music and come back to it with fresh eyes.

So far I’m doing pretty good with it – I’ve written something like 10,000 words in just the past two weeks and I have a reasonable idea as to where this story is going. Obviously I’m a looooong way off being done, there’s whole swathes of the story that I haven’t worked out yet and I’m getting rather fixated on writing one my MC’s POV over the other.

I gotta be careful that I don’t the same thing as I did with my Nanowrimo story back in 2010 when I basically put writing over everything including my Uni work which effectively was the tipping point towards me dropping out altogether. I have two different qualifications on the go at the moment plus a full-time job and my boyfriend who has to live with me so I can’t sink too far into writing that I forget everything everything else.

Well that’s about it for now, if anyone is interested in what I’m working on then please leave a comment ¬†and I may post bits or waffle about my characters for you. If you follow me on Twitter you’re likely to get lots of spam about my writing shenanigans and my on-going infatuation with the Frozen soundtrack as my writing music (it’s already getting out of hand and I only bought it two days ago).