Ray Writes for the OU

One of the two Level 2 modules I’m doing as part of my Open University degree is A215 – Creative Writing. I have never studied creative writing as a subject so I’m a little fearful of how I’ll manage with this since my textbook is a beast and it has a whole unit on poetry which I’ve never been much for. Add into that the fact that most of the story ideas I have involve either fantasy elements or YA contemporary elements – a lot of the textbook looks rather literary fiction-orientated – and you have quite the fear factor starting to brew. Plus the course requires me to keep a Writer’s Notebook (capitalisation and all) so I have to get into a habit of jotting down ideas and phrases that occur to me at any time.

I have five TMAs to do between October 5th and next June plus a final EMA so I’ll have several weeks when I’m stressing to my eyeballs trying to get everything done. Especially in April when I have my 5th French TMA due the day after my 5th Writing TMA *sweats nervously*



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