About Ray

My name is Ray (or Rachel if you prefer, other nicknames will have to be approved), I am now 25 *gulp* and currently residing in Derbyshire with the fabulous lump of adorable awesomeness I also refer to as Le Boyf. He will probably be mentioned by me frequently as he is rather instrumental to my success with the various projects I’m going to be undertaking over the next year and without his support I would very likely go completely doolally.

I was a Teaching Assistant for two years (Got qualified and everything!), but now I’m reverting back to being a full-time student in my own house as I will be starting my Level 2 Open University modules this October. I’m taking the rather crazy option of doing two very different modules at the same time – Creative Writing and Upper Intermediate French – so this blog is going to be my way of documenting my progress, sharing with you any cool things I learn, and also trying to make myself accountable to the internet so I do this studying business properly since my previous University stint was a bit of a disaster due to a terribly poor work ethic.

I will also be trying to keep writing my first book – this has been the project occupying my brain since the start of 2014 and thanks to several periods of low productivity and some serious delusions about how long it would actually take, I am not yet finished. But I am determined to get the first draft finished and keep working on it while I’m studying. It is going to be an exercise in Time Management the likes of which I have never undertaken.


Wish me luck!

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