About Ray


**Update for April 2017**

It has been quite a while since I properly utilised this blog or updated this About Me page, so super speedy whirlwind catch-up!

I’m Ray/Rachel/Rach (whichever name you know me by) and I’m now 26 (& almost a half) which is mildly terrifying because it means I’m slowly creeping closer to being in my late 20’s and I have even less of an idea about what I’m doing with my life than I did when I was 21.

I’m now just over 8 weeks away from my FINAL EVER DEADLINE for my OU degree which is absolutely bonkers and I can’t comprehend that within a few months I may actually graduate after 8 *years* of plodding my way through higher education.

Beyond studying – if I can really call ignoring the textbook & writing just what I need for the assignments “studying” – I’m mostly found on social media, lamenting the general lack of anything I’m doing with my time because that’s how I roll.

Maybe one day I will actually finish writing a book I’m not appalled with and feel brave enough to try doing something with it. Who knows…?

Wish me luck!


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