So…Now What? (Thoughts from a soon-to-be-Graduate)

I’ve once again been highly lax at posting on this blog, but then I was a tad “busy*” and trying to finish my final Open University module during April & May. Then June…happened. I think. I honestly don’t remember anything of what I did during that month beyond inhale an obscene amount of fanfic (no really I’m talking millions of words). It was kind of like last July when I spent almost the entire month inside and read 53 books, hopefully I won’t I have set myself up for another vitamin D deficiency because I did at least go outside every other day or so *finger guns*

But I’m getting off-topic as usual. My module is finished. Hell my whole damn degree is finished! Yup you heard me, I am now one of those people who could chuck BA (Hons) in my email signature if I so wished. I won’t be getting the fancy expensive bit of paper that I can hang on my wall until the end of September but until then I have this.

So… that’s cool I guess. What I’m going to *do* with my degree now I’ve finished it, I have no fucking clue. Like I literally need suggestions because I’m drawing the blankest of blanks. I know I need to get a job of the preferably permanent variety but as I’m spending most of October in Japan it seems counter-productive to go hard on applying for things when I won’t feasibly be able to start working until November. These are the fun thought wheels that I like to run in when I’m trying to sleep like the nervous bean I am.

Until I get a grip on my life I’m mostly just trying to make sure I get out of bed before noon and leaving the house at least twice a week. Which is kind of happening. Although this past week something a little strange happened. I got an idea for a book. Then within 24hrs I had written 12 pages of a word doc planning out that whole book. And I *might* be considering starting to draft that book… erm tomorrow? I’m not sure if this is my worst self-set deadline to date but I reckon if I don’t give myself a concrete timescale to write this book I may piss about “planning” until the world ends.

I’m gonna give it a try and hope like hell that I don’t burn myself out within a week. I don’t know yet how fast I might be able to write this book but I’m hoping on a tentative 1.5-2k words per day so as I’m guesstimating the first draft should be somewhere around 70-80K, in theory I could have a draft complete before I go to Japan in October. We can hope.

I was thinking I’d try to blog about the process but let’s not make promises I might not keep. There will be a lot of me on twitter I imagine since you’d have to prise my phone from my cold, dead hands to keep me from procrastitweeting when I say I’ll be writing. So come yell at me to get off the internet and I’ll be eternally grateful.

See you soon?

Ray x


*That’s a filthy fucking lie. I am so unbusy it’s disgusting. What I am is lazy.