Deadlines? Ugh.

I have a French TMA due tomorrow. It is not finished yet and I ran out of fucks to give about 3 weeks ago. This is a rather troubling position to be in as this is only the first of 5 TMAs and while this one is only formative and will not count to my overall grade I really should care more right?

The thought has occurred to me that I just don’t like studying French this way. I love being able to speak the language and have conversations with actual French people – I never did talk about my trip to Paris in detail but I spoke French to every person except my boyfriend which is something I am proud of – but I really dislike studying really arbitrary topics in a French context. I know it might introduce some vocabulary I may not have come across otherwise but really, with how many people am I likely to want to discuss the commercial impact of having shops open on Sundays? Basically zero.

This particular TMA is supposed to be looking at giving advice to fellow forum users about managing their time better and discussing how increased working flexibility affects people’s lifestyles. I find the idea of *me* giving advice on time management fucking laughable since as you might have guessed from my blog, I procrastinate to doctorate levels. I spent most of today sat in my bed watching Youtube videos, knowing full well that this deadline is tomorrow and I had only about 160 words of the 300-350 that I need already written. That is some serious apathy I’m rocking right there.

I mean look, I’m blogging instead of finishing off this assignment now! I’m at around 250 words but I’m procrastinating again! It’s an endless cycle of doing a little, distracted a lot. *dramatic sigh*

Anyone else feeling similar levels of “meh” towards some aspect of their studying? Or is it just me being an apathetic lazy bugger?


p.s. This post has been the length of my TMA that I should be finishing right now. So easy right?


2 thoughts on “Deadlines? Ugh.

  1. *looks around, double checks, looks around again* Ok, I think it’s safe..

    *hushed voice* this happens to me too…

    I think it’s difficult sometimes. I mean, the intention is there, but when the subject does nothing for you.. and I mean nothing, like zero spark, zero fucks to give, it’s nigh on impossible to write anything that you feel is half decent.

    Might as well bash your head against they keyboard a few times and hit send.. especially when it won’t count towards your final grade! But I bet you get a mark against you somehow if you don’t do it? Or if you hit the qwerty with your cat and pretended he wrote it for you? Yeah?

    See now, I’m procrastinating…

    I’m blaming you.



    • Oh I pretty much did just keyboard smash a while and sent it off without really proof-reading it. I had told myself I wasn’t going to do that this time but clearly that good intention buggered off. Sadly I don’t have a cat to keyboard smash for me *wistful sigh*

      Oh fiiiine blame me 😛

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