So… anyone for Nanowrimo?

Awfully sorry for the fact that I dropped off the face of the freaking planet for like 3 weeks. After my birthday and my trip to Paris I just couldn’t summon up the energy to keep doing the daily blog posts (still procrastinated just not on here). October is fast disappearing and November is approaching. This means Nano.

I did Camp Nano for the first time in April, for me it was kinda successful in that I reached 15K but that was only after taking my word count down from 25K. For November I can’t really win without hitting 50K and I’ve never done that. Closest I came was around 28K in 2010 but that was a only brief success before I dropped out of Uni. So I don’t yet know if I can reach the goal for normal nano without getting obsessive about it and neglecting all my other responsibilities and driving Le Boyf to distraction.

I have a French OU TMA due mid-November and another one mid-December so it’s vitally important that I still do my French work and get these done. Although I won’t have a Writing TMA due until January after next week I still have various exercises to do for the Fiction unit but I had the ingenious idea of using my Nano story to do those tasks. At least using the world, the characters and the story to base them on and I could always include them in my word count 😛

I was really quite surprised at how quickly my Nano idea coalesced into something I could actually work with and grow into a story that might stretch to 50K. I had written a little scene that was trying to describe using as many of the senses as possible (I’ll post the snippet later) and after I’d done it I was left very puzzled as to what could have led to this girl wading into a freezing lake all alone. So I started asking questions and after a few pages scribbled in my notebook I had ideas for characters, a world and a plot swirling round my head.

There is still a hell of a lot of planning to do (oh yea I’m much more a Planner than a Pantser although depending on how much of an outline I get done before Nov 1st I may be Plansting some of this) but compared to the last time I attempted Nano (2012 which lasted all of 3 days) I feel a lot more confident about my ability to create a story. I think having done 80K of a novel just this year has a lot to do with that. It’s going to be a very interesting exercise in juggling my responsibilities to everyone’s satisfaction especially now that I HAVE A JOB!! (That’s right I’m totally gonna be working in Waterstones from next week until maybe the New Year :D) 

Who else among the A215 group and anyone else is doing Nano this year?  I’m over there as LadyViolet  so if you’re interested in buddying a lass who’s gonna be attempting to write a YA Fantasy novel feel free 🙂

I’ll do another post talking more about what I’m going to be doing but  for now I need to get offline before I fling my internet router into the sun for being a pile of shit.

Laters chaps

Ray 🙂


3 thoughts on “So… anyone for Nanowrimo?

  1. I’m kind of in the same boat as you. I’m definitely doing NaNo this year (I’ve done it every year, even if I haven’t won them all). I’ve already gotten my first TMA for A215 out of the way and submitted but I have a 1500 word essay to write on Othello for my first TMA for A230 that’s due Nov 6th and I haven’t even started that yet!
    I also have work that will eat up all my time (and I wish it was at Waterstones! Lucky you!) My last win was 2011 so I’m really hoping that I make this year.
    I’m writing a Middle Grade Fantasy/Adventure and I’m super excited about it. I’m TeeVee on the NaNo site, I’ll add you as a buddy 🙂


  2. I tell myself every year that THIS will be the year I finally do NaNo, but it never quite feels like the right time. Given that I have two OU modules running concurrently, as well as a full time job and a 3-hour daily commute, it just feels a little too much to take on.

    Next year… (He swore, yet again.)

    Good luck with it!


  3. I’m in for it…I’m there as scribbesparkleshine, I’m going to carry on with the ideas I came up with at the day school last week….I’m doing A215, another uni course which involves 120 mile round trip every Wednesday and a full time job…I’m mad yes but so psyched to be doing it! Progress updates to follow. Good luck xx


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