Monday’s Cup o’Thoughts (6/10/14)

Hello again chaps, no post on Friday as I was getting hauled up to the airport to bring the car back after my parents left for their holiday in sunny Florida. Spent pretty much the entire day out of the house and only actually got home around half 5. The weekend was pretty quiet, I don’t think I left the house all Saturday and on Sunday Le Boyf and I went into Nottingham to meet my sister and go to the Goose Fair. Not massively impressed with it and probably won’t go again – everything is just designed to drain all your money for little reward.

This week is going only have posts up until Wednesday as we’re going to Paris for 4 days on Thursday. It should be great fun although Le Boyf has threatened to poke me until I speak to every French person we meet – which granted will be excellent practice for me as I am doing a French module as well but still, speaking to strangers is stressful enough without throwing in the added spanner of a language I’m only half-fluent in. It’s going to be one of those odd holidays where I have no clue what we’re doing until we’re there and we’ll effectively be making it up as we go. I hope to get lots of pictures that I’ll share when I’m back.

Plan of Action for the Day

My modules have started! Egads! I need to actually buckle down and stop procrastinating my days away.

1. Freewrite – I think I ought to do one, it’s raining today and that should prompt some things

2. French – I gotta get back into doing work for this module since I’ve very diligently avoided it for a while. I could probably do with looking at my phrasebooks to prep myself for being a tourist again.

3. Novel – I have done a lot of little bits towards my book over the past week. I finished drafts of a few scenes and sent them over to my dear friend Jess, I effectively went through the draft so far in Scrivener tagging up what characters appear in which scenes so later down the rewriting line I can judge if certain people need to appear more or less and I’m also starting to put in where the chapter breaks are going to be since I wrote the scenes as whole units but some need to have that dramatic pause partway through. So today I may try and finish the bit of scene that I needed to add to the first act.

4. Chores – Ironing, did several loads of washing over the weekend and will want some of those clothes this week.

What am I looking forward to?

Well I’m going to do the freewrite after posting this so should be intriguing

What do I think I’ll find tricky?

Focusing on my French work

How can I work through it?

Stop being a bloody child (I’m turning sodding 24 tomorrow for pete’s sake!) and just do the work!

What song came up first on my iPod this morning?

Reminiscing with Grandma – Anastasia Movie Soundtrack. (this is such a beautiful reunion)

Now off to work!

Ray 🙂


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