Thursday’s Cup o’Thoughts (2/10/2014)

Guys I really dislike mornings in case you haven’t noticed, I often wonder if I shouldn’t just change my sleeping routine so I woke up later and carried on working until like Midnight or something since my brain feels less like a box of broken china later at night since I’ve had lots of hours to piece everything back together into something I can actually use. (Well I like that metaphor, you go sleepy-head Rachel!)

But that wouldn’t really work since it would involve disturbing Le Boyf when I did eventually go to sleep and I’d get woken up when he left for work so I would probably end up feeling just as tired when I did actually get up. Best to just try being a big girl and get up like I would if I was going to work and install myself in the office after I’m dressed. I managed that this morning I actually got up and showered before Le Boyf even left for work! Normally I’d still be in bed until at least 8am. Alas I have blown the first productive hour by catching up on interweb stuffs (gotta get myself some kind of program to block those sites so I can actually work for a bit) but I think I shall get this post done and actually crack on today since I will lose most of tomorrow’s productivity when I have to drive my parents to the airport so they can jet off to sunny Florida.

Plan of Action for the Day

1. Writing – I think I’ll try doing a  freewrite this morning since I’ve not done one for two weeks. I have to get myself back into a good habit after I’ve backslid so far.

2. Instead of caving into reading one of the innumerable fiction books lying about I ought to look at editing skills so I can actually do it when I manage to print off my TMA draft.

3. I gotta email a few people about holiday stuff so Le Boyf and I can actually plan things. Also add into this the whole decide what stuff we’re going to visit in Paris because that’s all been left to me.

4. I need to look at my french textbooks since I’ve not opened them in a while. What I’ll do I don’t bloody know.

What am I looking forward to?

I don’t know, my cup of tea has already worn off and I’m grumpy again.

What do I think I’ll find tricky?

Doing anything I say I’ll do, really though this is why I shouldn’t work first thing in the morning because I just don’t function properly.

How can I work through it?

Going back to bed for a nap? No? Damn I’ll have to get more tea or have some breakfast.

What song came up first on my iPod this morning?

Mrs Darcy – Pride & Prejudice movie soundtrack. (how lovely and soothing, I should keep this album on)

Now off to work!



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