Wednesday’s Cup o’Thoughts (24/9/2014)

Well thank goodness Tuesday is over and done with again. Again another day of mostly ridiculous procrastination that produced nothing useful. I did get the tiny bit of ironing done and assisted Le Boyf in dismantling his laptop so he could replace his hard-drive (a fucking rigmarole of epic proportions). Other than that the day was spent watching random Youtube videos and generally wasting time *sigh* I really better get this out of my system soon or October onwards is going to be very difficult.

Plan of Action for the Day

1.  Novel – I started writing another scene last night and I currently feel like it needs to get written so if I focus on that for a bit then it’ll be something.

2. French – Just do the damn exercises Rachel and stop arsing about with it.

3. Have a look at what activities are set for the first two weeks of A215 and check which you’ve done so far.

What am I looking forward to?

Writing out this scene from my book. It’s featuring some of my favourite characters and I’ve got a *lot* of character setup to do in order to properly bamboozle folk 😛

What do I think I’ll find tricky?

French, I just seem to be having one of those blocked weeks where my mind doesn’t want to French.

How can I work through it?

Put my laptop as far away from me as possible on this tiny desk.

What song came up first on my iPod this morning?

Once upon a December – Anastasia movie soundtrack.

Now off to work!

Ray 🙂


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