Monday’s Cup o’Thoughts (22/9/2014)

Good morning all. Here we are back again with another week ahead. It’s rather strange to think that this will be third week of doing these daily posts, as yet I can’t say how effective they’re being at guilting me into doing all the work I say I’ll do because it’s usually very easy to just get half-way through the day and think “I have run out of fucks to give so I’ll go watch some Netflix instead”. Luckily I’ve not done that every day but I know some days are harder than others to scrape together enough enthusiasm to do a solid 8 hours of work or even 4 hours.

This morning I’m not feeling great partly because I think I’m getting ill judging by the cough that came from nowhere last night, and partly because I think I irked Le Boyf this morning with my lack of willingness to get up. He is very lovely to make sure I’m awake before he leaves for work but today he has a client meeting down in London so didn’t probably have the patience for my idiotic childish behaviour so early in the morning. For once I need to just get up when I say I will without whining about being tired when it’s my own damn fault that I am tired.

Plan of Action for the Day

1. Writing –  Since I’ve not done much for my Creative Writing module recently I should have a look at trying another freewrite prompt from the TMA options so I can start to produce stuff that I could submit at the end of next month since it’ll probably take me a fair length of time to be happy with whatever I decide to write.

2. French –  I need to carry on working through the activities in my French textbook and be starting to compile vocab for this topic that I can use in my first TMA for that since it’ll be due about two weeks after my Writing one and it’s a fairly lengthy written task so I need to do a decent job and not dash it off two days before the deadline like I did with some of my L120 TMAs.

3. Novel – I should get to typing up the scene I hand-wrote over the weekend so that’s in Scrivener although I pretty much bet you that I’m going to end up adding a couple hundred words as I’m typing it up to spots where I think there’s too much dialogue and not enough else going on. But it’s all words that are going towards finishing the damn book and I’ll have something that I can actually send to Jess.

4. Domestic shit – Since Le boyf isn’t going to get home until gone 7pm I am going to get the few dishes that are still loitering about done and maybe the little pile of ironing so that the house doesn’t look like a mess and I don’t feel like a wastrel just sat at home all day.

What am I looking forward to?

I don’t know yet today. Not quite with it still so need a bit more awakening

What do I think I’ll find tricky?

Getting stuff done in a timely manner and not getting side-tracked by procrastination.

How can I work through it?

Keeping the internet browsers closed when I have no reason to be online and play epic soundtrack music to motivate myself.

What song came up first on my iPod this morning?

Toothless Found – How to Train your Dragon 2 (movie soundtrack)

Now off to work!

Ray 🙂


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