Thursday’s Cup o’Thoughts (18/9/2014)

Well howdy. This is a much later post again today due to the fact that I slept it until 10am. Not because I was so desperate for sleep, because frankly I’m more tired now than I probably would have been if I got up at half 7 when Le Boyf attempted it. But because I wanted to stay in bed past 9 on the principle that no one else was going to come knocking on my door to wake me unexpectedly this week. As you might have gathered from yesterday’s Cuppa Thoughts post I was a little furious by the arrival of scaffolders that I had not been informed about.

After three very stressful hours of them putting the damn stuff up I got a phonecall from Le Boyf saying it would need to come down again since we didn’t yet have the approval from the local council that we’re ok to get this work done to the house! But since the guys had pretty much finished they decided to finish putting up the scaffold at the front of the house before buggering off. After that I went out to Costa for a drink and to try and relax  since the whole debacle had stressed me to the point of tears.

While I was out my dear other half (who spent a lot of his morning on the phone to the company who is doing the work on the house for us) text me to say that the scaffold would be coming back down that afternoon. When I got back there was a rather apologetic chap waiting who said that the scaffold guys were on their way back. They did come back and the scaffolding was gone before 4pm although the guys were definitely less happy about it than I was and they left without actually saying “sorry for causing you fucktons of stress and upset, bye now”.

So that was my Wednesday.

Plan of Action for the Day

My whole work week has been shot to hell by all these people arriving without fore-warning so the most I did yesterday was not throttle someone and I finished reading two books. Today however…

1. Check the OU website because the L211 French site should have gone live so I can get all the details on the assignments and EMA

2. Try and get another freewrite done to make up for the last two days of nothing.

3. Sit down and look damn hard at my current novel and try to get back some motivation to finish the draft.

4. Dishes because we’re not going to have anything to eat off later otherwise.

What am I looking forward to?

Well the first one is nice and easy really.

What do I think I’ll find tricky?

Number 3 because I’ve written myself to a point where I have about 25K to go before I think my first draft is complete but it’s all the kinda boring middle scenes, except for one that is going to introduce a character who means a lot to me and I hope will be more present in the second and third books. I gotta either re-plan the scenes in order to make the middle section more exciting or just writing them boring and then change it up on the second draft.

How can I work through it?

Look at what needs to happen between the scenes I have already written and how I can go about getting any pertinent information across as well as character development. Ask questions of myself and my characters and what ifs to see how I can ratchet up the tension during the second act.

What song came up first on my iPod this morning?

Reflection – Mulan movie soundtrack (instrumental version)

Now off to work!

Ray 🙂


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