Monday’s Cup o’Thoughts (15/9/2014)

And we’re back here again. Monday. I’m not quite sure where the weekend went. I had an awesome Saturday night out watching this aerial circus/musical performance in Derby. The group was called Pirates of the Carabina (which is an awesome name) and they did all the music themselves live on stage. It was hilarious and mesmerising to watch and the whole group were all out in the theatre lobby after the show talking to people which was really cool. I got to speak to the harmonica-playing tight-rope walker and the very talented girl who played a lot of the instruments during the show which was awesome even though I completely lost my ability to word like a sane human being.

Plan of Action for the Day

Now today I need to try and get more done than I have so if that means I have to block myself from twitter or tumblr for several hours so be it.

1. Writing – I want to try doing the Freewriting/Clustering combo exercise every day this week as per Activity 1.4 in the BRB. I might also try going for a walk in the park and doing the descriptive writing activity 2.1 so I’m not sat in the house all day. Also should have a go a freewriting from another of the TMA prompts.

2. French – Ok I want to get several activities done today from both books. A1.1.5, A1.1.6 & A1.1.8 from the main book plus A1.1.3, A1.1.4 & A1.2.1 from the Cours D’ecriture.

3. Later depending on how well I’m doing with the other work I’ll write some more on the scene that I promised Jess months ago since I’m making crawling progress with it.

What am I looking forward to?

Feeling productive. I want to feel like I’m making the most of my hours during the week, that I’m not going to lag behind once the course starts because I’m wasting two hours out of every day faffing on the internet.

What do I think I’ll find tricky?

Maintaining discipline over myself, especially when I’m tired or as I am right now – hungry. If I’m not at 100% I’m more likely to drift into procrastination and feel worse about not doing work instead of just going to eat a damn bowl of cereal (which I will as soon as this is done).

How can I work through it?

Eat some fucking food, have a quick shower so you don’t feel disgusting in an hour or two and then get working. Again I’ve lost nearly 2 hours to this and other distractions so I gotta do better tomorrow.

What song came up first on my iPod this morning?

Georgiana – Pride & Prejudice soundtrack. (Lovely peaceful piece)

Now off to work!

Ray 🙂


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