Music that has helped forge my book (so far)

Although I know I did mention something about music that I like to listen to while I write in one of the old posts that I transferred over from my other blog (Ray Reads Books), I thought I would do more specific post to talk about all the music that has been part of my writing process this year as I try to complete my first fantasy novel.

I know it’s practically a trope that writers like to make a playlist of music for different books but here I go, adding my own tuppence to the pot. The albums below have been played repeatedly (I mean almost constantly) over the course of 2014 when I have been writing on my novel. I’m probably forgetting some tracks or artists but the major players are as follows.

The Frozen Movie Soundtrack – Since the whole went mad for this film after it came out in 2013 I found myself buying the soundtrack around the start of the year and it became my constant writing companion throughout January (and probably February too).  After I get past the rather distracting vocal tracks, by which I mean after I have finished belting out Let it Go and Love is an Open Door all by myself, I love how many instrumental tracks there are on this album and the different emotions they evoke. One of my favourite tracks is the Great Thaw (Vuelie reprise) as it starts off so heart-wrenching and then blossoms into a beautifully triumphant chorus that reuses the theme from the opening credits of the film.


The Anastasia Movie Soundtrack – Being a child of the 90’s this film came out when I was 7 and I was in love the moment I saw it. With the animation, the story, the characters (*swoon Dimitri*) and most importantly the music. It was the saddest day of my childhood when my video player chewed up my VHS beyond repair and the most gleeful of my late teens when I found a DVD of it for only £3. This year I finally bought the damn soundtrack and it is glorious. There aren’t that many instrumental tracks but they are all fantastic and bring to mind so vividly the scenes from the film I sit smiling as I listen. Now for some people that doesn’t help to have music so strongly associated with a story that isn’t yours but for me while I was writing the later half of my book the emotions that Anastasia makes me feel are perfect.

The Mulan Movie Sountrack – Again another film I’ve adored since I was 7 or 8. It was such an inspirational story and the music is such a contrast between semi-hilarious vocal tracks and punch-in-the-gut instrumentals. Mulan is the kind of heroine I want to write forever; the kind of woman who is willing to step up beyond all expectations to protect those she loves or defend what she believes to be right.  My favourite track (after I’ll Make a Man out of You because that is just AWESOMESAUCE) is the track called Haircut/Short Hair from when Mulan sneaks in and steals her father’s armour, cutting her long hair off with his sword. I’m listening to it now and my skin is tingling I shit you not. It’s like a call to arms and I love it.  The video below is actually longer than my version because I think the soundtrack I have is slightly abridged *boo*


Yoshiki Classical – I talked about this album to excess in a few of my older blog posts and how it heavily influenced one of the hardest scenes I had to write out of the whole damn book. I was left in literal floods of tears  by some of the songs on this album. Check out the previous post talking about the Yoshiki songs that wrecked me  here.

How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2 Movie Soundtracks – I only bought these two albums around the end of July since I somehow hadn’t thought to look for them sooner. I saw the 2nd film at an advance preview in June and ADORED IT although the music is so much more emotional than you can believe. I have only seen it once but the second I hear the opening notes of the song below my heart shatters and I’m borderline tears. But there are so many amazing tracks on these two albums that something comes along pretty quick to perk me back up after that emotional wrecking ball. I haven’t actually written much since I got them so they might be more influential on the Dragon Book (as they should be :P).


I think I need to start winding this back down now as it’s getting pretty lengthy. I could wax lyrical on all the different movie soundtrack albums I own and how ridiculously often I listen to them. If I flash-listed the ones I have it would look rather like this: Tangled, The Swan Princess, Various other Disney songs, Several tracks from the Return of the King soundtrack (one day I will own ALL THE LOTR SOUNDTRACKS), Avatar, The Avengers, Star Trek, Skyfall theme, Casino Royale theme, Divergent, Les Miserables. Yeah that’s a long list, and it’s not taking into account the soundtracks I keep finding on Youtube.

But I hope you’ve liked getting a look at some of the music that has been forging my novel, even if it isn’t finished yet 😛

Until tomorrow

Ray 🙂


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