Friday’s Cup o’Thoughts (12/9/2014)

Good grief I do not feel awake. I mean I am obviously or I wouldn’t be posting but sheesh getting up even just an hour earlier than I have been all week feels crap. Today is not going to end up being at all productive because I’m going on another mini adventure, this time with my sister – to Ikea. We’re the kind of nutters that rather enjoy flailing over furniture and all miscellaneous household items (my sister is a kitchen utensil JUNKIE) so going to Ikea is for us, kinda like going on a Topshop crawl would be for other girls. I am going to try and be a good girl and resist the urge to spend money on shit that although I may think it’s really freaking cool, I don’t really need. And I need to be that moral compass for my sister too – lots of “put it back Bethany!” I see in my future 😛

Yesterday was actually pretty good for work  – I got some French work done surprising myself a bit when I was able to read the first pages of my Cours D’ecriture textbook and understand everything without having to resort to scouring the dictionary. I also made my notes in French which is going to be interesting if my memory decides to dump the knowledge of what they say several months down the line. I also did another freewrite from the prompts in the BRB and I think I got a whole piece of flash fiction out of it which I’m really kinda proud of.  Maybe I’ll have to post it up on here 🙂

Plan of Action for the Day

1. Drive to meet my sister for 10am

2. Ikea Shenanigans

3. Come back home and try and get something done

4. Pick Le Boyf up from work

5. Attempt work again

What am I looking forward to?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited at the idea of the new stationery Ikea has started doing. Stationery is an addiction for me.

What do I think I’ll find tricky?

Not spending shittons of money that I don’t need to spend?

How can I work through it?

Sit on my damn hands

What song came up first on my iPod this morning?

End Credits – Chase & Status. I haven’t listened to this in a while, cool.

Now off to work!

Ray 🙂


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