Wednesday’s Cup o’Thoughts (10/9/2014)

Aloha! Funny how you lose track for a moment and then suddenly you’re half-way through a week again. I felt like yesterday was kind of productive but I think it probably could have been much better. I had a session of decent French work first thing that then tailed off into whatever the heck it is that I did in the afternoon. I actually got some writing done later in the evening on a snippet I started months ago as a whimsy apology to my dear Friend and Alpha Reader Jess since I made her cry with the ending of my book. I may even get that finished this week so that’ll be a nice surprise for her when she gets back from her hols. I also had the *loveliest* comment on my blog post How the Dickens do you Short Story about a piece of my writing that I’d linked to – thank you so much! It quite literally made me flail with happiness. 😀

Plan of Action for the Day

Ok today…

1. Writing – Well since I’ve now got the prompts for the first TMA I may always give the free writing part a go, could sketch out some characters or carry on scribbling ideas related to my #DragonBook which is going to be on a low simmer for the next few months while I do my other assignments and maybe it’ll get an outing for the EMA.

2. French – I need to actually make myself some serious notes on the Grammar stuff I should already know (but probably don’t have firmly in my grasp) and get to learning and practicing the areas I’m weak in. Also maybe carry on with the textbook activities and try and get one done without it taking three days because that pace is *not* going to be acceptable when the course starts properly.

3. Novel – Carry on with the scene I was working on yesterday because I could really do with getting it finished so I can send it to Jess since she’s had nothing from me for a few weeks now and she’ll be rattling the bars soon else *looks scared*

What am I looking forward to?

I thinking practicing with the TMA prompts will be interesting to see what ideas come out of it and it’ll create material that I can possibly use for other things.

What do I think I’ll find tricky?

French Grammar, god it’s quite daunting trying to decide where to start with it. My grammar book (which isn’t the one recommended by the L211 site but from my Uni days) has pretty helpful, clear sections with some awesome looking tables with examples and translations of the multitudinous grammar structures in French. But do I start with looking at the rules for nouns and adjectives? Or do I go straight for the tangled web of insanity that is verb conjugation and tenses?

How can I work through it?

Well since I’m fairly happy with most of the verb/tense stuff I should probably go for some of the more obscure adverbs and conjunctions stuff since that’ll sort out the twiddly bits that hold together whatever I try to say/write in French. Then I can go back to revise how I bloody use the Passe Composee and Imparfait within the same paragraph.

What song came up first on my iPod this morning?

What’s This? – Danny Elfman (From The Nightmare before Christmas)

Now off to work!

Ray 🙂


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