Tuesday’s Cup o’Thoughts (9/9/2014)

Morning folks, it’s Tuesday again and really bizarrely it would be the first day back at work if I was still a TA. Buuuut I’m not, so I’m at home slightly happy about the fact that I no longer have to nag teenagers to actually engage in their learning and not just be vile to each other and me. Some of those kids I will miss because they did care about their education and were great to work with but far too many just made me want to tear my hair out and scream obscenities. But that’s a whole other rant for another day.

Yesterday was pretty excellent for writing as I spent several hours in the park behind my house working from a Free writing prompt on a scene that has been playing in my mind recently for a story that is inevitably going to be novel-sized because I simply cannot get my head around short stories. I wrote nearly 8 pages in my Writer’s notebook although I didn’t quite finish the scene so I may have to do that later.  But yay writing!

Plan of Action for the Day

Since I did nothing for it yesterday;

1. FRENCH! Finish that damn activity and then look at some Grammar stuff because gods know I have issues with various aspects and need to sort myself out.

2. Writing – later this afternoon type up yesterday’s free write and try and finish it off.

What am I looking forward to?

Because I’m an idjit I’ll probably have most fun typing up the scene and tweaking bits as I go because I’m notorious for swapping words and adding phrases as I type up hand-written scenes. Sometimes it’s because I find parts where I’ve missed a word out when my brain was going faster than my pen so I need to add stuff for it to make sense but most times it’s because I feel it’s necessary.

What do I think I’ll find tricky?

French Grammar stuff. It has been several years since I’ve had proper lessons for French so any grammar stuff has had to be self-taught and I am rather lacking in that aspect (along with increasing my vocab knowledge) so I gotta improve for these higher level modules.

How can I work through it?

Make myself clear concise notes, use useful examples to illustrate the grammar points I’m trying to learn and keep at it consistently, don’t binge a few things one day and then leave it for a month. Got to do it properly or nothing with stick.

What song came up first on my iPod this morning?

The Great Thaw – Christophe Beck (Frozen Soundtrack) YES MAYBE HALF MY MUSIC IS SOUNDTRACK MUSIC! DEAL WITH IT! 😛

Now off to work!

Ray 🙂


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