Monday’s Cup o’Thoughts

Good morning my lovely lemon cakes. It is almost obnoxiously early on Monday morning and I’m already sat at my desk in my new office. Feeling pretty damn tired but it’s probably been made worse by the fact that my insane sister texted me at half fucking five this morning (no doubt on her way into work with my mother) reminding me about the comedy gig we’re going to at the weekend. Bish that could have waited until Le Boyf and I were actually awake. Ugh. But I’m up and it’s what I planned to do even if I’m not too happy about it. I gotta start forming a habit and it’s very likely that it will take me several weeks to get used to getting up at 7am again now I’m not working full-time.

Yesterday evening I came up here to try and get some writing done because I was sleepy and bored on the sofa thinking that I should be doing something more productive, but when I did get here I then founded myself totally blocked and the words wouldn’t come. I pottered about on the internet as I’m wont to do and had some vair chucklesome chats with folk from the A215 FB group *waves*. But then as it was nearing 9/10pm my brain decided to finally kick in and provide me with all sorts of ideas for the book rather secretively nicknamed The Dragon book (god only knows what it could be about). So I did some scribbling and sent a rather excited email to my best Twin and Alpha Reader Jess then I had to force myself to go to bed so I could actually wake up this morning.

Plan of Action for the Day

Right so I have a few things that I need to get done today (next month the list will look a fair bit heftier)

1. Volunteering at the Library 10-12, I’ve been helping out all summer with the Reading Challenge for the children and it’s my last week.

2. Write – something, anything. I may give some of the freewriting and clustering activities a go from the BRB or carry on pondering the Dragon Book.

3. Start having a read of my French workbooks. That shit is completely in French and I know there will be a lot I can’t understand.

4. More laundry – although if it doesn’t look like the sun is coming out I may leave this off.

5. More ironing – I only did a smidge yesterday and it builds up awful quick if I don’t keep on top of it.

6. Sweep the alley between our house and the neighbours – they asked Le Boyf about this yesterday and since I’m in all day I get to do it. *woo*

What am I looking forward to?

Writing I think. I’m really excited by this new story idea and if I can get away with it I might see if I can work it for my EMA next year because I think I could get at least a chapter or two done and edited for then.

What do I think I’ll find tricky?

French – I’ve been bad at keeping up with my language studies since my level 1 module ended and I wasn’t really applying myself to that module either so my reading fluency is not where it should be.

How can I work through it?

I’m gonna try taking copious notes of all the words I didn’t previously know so that I can make my own vocab lists and eventually maybe set up a flashcard deck on Anki or something.

What song came up first on my iPod this morning?

Kingdom Celebration from the Tangled Soundtrack. Such a lovely cheery tune. I feel a jig coming on! *dances*

Now off to work!

Ray 🙂

p.s. Note to self DON’T TAKE SO DAMN LONG DOING THIS POST, that’s where all your writing time is going to disappear YOU PLUM!


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