Writing Ray – Camp Nanowrimo Day 22

So I didn’t plan on doing any writing yesterday because, y’know I’d wrote myself into a soggy mess on the DDS buuut then I found myself horrendously bored. So bored that I ironed all of my foldable clothes and filmed a vlog. So bored I could have easily eaten an entire tube of paprika pringles (because NOM), so bored that I found myself watching a crap-ton of Youtube videos by a girl whose videos would normally never appeal to me (hair & beauty shit) purely because of her outrageously amusing way of talking.


So I was vastly relieved last night when Kiersten White (author of the Paranormalcy series and Mind Games) tweeted  about wanting to do a 30 minute word sprint. Yes! I now had a reason to do some writing – a bit of gentle competition with the alarm on my Q10 software. So I started writing on the scene which follows the double-whammy of feels.

30 minutes later would y’all believe it I did 534 words! It was more than I needed to do in order to stay on track to reach my end goal and since I carried on a bit afterwards to eventually reach 710 words I was rather proud of myself.

My Camp total is now 11,411 words which pleases me because palindromic numbers y’all!

Gotta get some more done today before I drive to my parents tonight cos I’m taking them to the airport at God-awful o’clock tomorrow so they can bugger off to San Francisco, LA and Las Vegas for three weeks – lucky bastards. Ugh, parents just because I’m nearly 24 doesn’t mean you stop taking me on your awesome holidays – except of course that’s entirely your prerogative and you are taking us to Dublin in August so I’ll shush.

Happy Wednesday folks and Happy World Book Night!


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