Writing Ray – Camp Nanowrimo Day 18

So yesterday… ended less coherently than it started. Didn’t get that much writing done only 681 words but had a bit of fun writing scene that *still* isn’t my DDS but technically it’s taking place at the same time but just from a different POV.

Now I’m wrestling with a fight scene which I’m trying to write without having plotted it out, and without extensively detailed knowledge of sword-fighting terms. There was some periodic googling to make sure I wasn’t writing utter drivel but I’m sure that I will have to re-word things later anyway. I quite like scenes like this because there is basically no dialogue (too much swording for talking) so I can just think about how awesome the action would look if it were a film.
I shan’t waffle much more because I need to flash-tidy my house ahead of my parent’s coming over to help wrestle with our wayward garden. I have a lot of empty wine bottles to hide from last night when me, and my boyf’s brother’s girlfriend and my boyf’s friend’s wife all got rather drunk in our lounge whilst watching/singing along to Pitch Perfect, Frozen and Mulan (because we’re all mature adults :P). Excellent evening; I sang VAIR LOUDLY and hopefully reasonably tunefully and managed to avoid waking up this morning with a banging headache, which was a win for me.
May get some writing done later tonight if I get chance, I gotta hide all evidence while my mother is about because lawd knows she won’t fully understand or appreciate how I’m spending my time. *sigh*
A bientot
p.s. sorry for how incoherent this post is, I don’t think my head is quite on an even keel just yet.

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