Writing Ray – Almost a bit of a Milestone *confetti*

Good Morning m’lovelies! Tis quite a nice Sunday here in the Shire (of Derby) there is actual sunshine which is novel although I shan’t be venturing outside to check how warm it really is.

For anyone who’s been following my tweets this past month and half you’ll know that I’ve kind of been abusing the #writing hashtag as I’ve been working on my story/book/novel (I’ve been unsure about what to term it). Compared to all the authors I follow my progress is minuscule but for *me* it’s incredible and I felt a bit of  a celebration was in order.

So last night when I finished what was the 11th complete scene my book stood at 27,337 words, up until a short while ago I was fairly confident that this project was now the longest piece of creative writing that I’d ever done to date. Turns out because of how I left my Nanowrimo story from 2010 the whole draft file was missing the part of Chapter 9 that I’d not finished so it was about 1800 words shorter than it should be.

Due to this I actually have 500 words to go until 2014 WIP becomes the longest thing I’ve ever written but that isn’t too bad cos now I have an excuse to WRITE MORE! *dances*

So I shall save the real celebration for when I’ve finished my next scene… this was a bizarrely useless post.

But I just wanted to share it with y’all 😀


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